MMWD Division 4 Candidate

Joby 4 Marin Water Board Division 4 2018

Joby Tapia

Marin Municipal Water District

Division 4

Advocating for Marin Municipal Water District Division 4 Ratepayers

Marin Residents have repeatedly voiced concerns about MMWD’s dramatically escalating water rates, excessive costs, and failure to prioritize fuel load reduction in the district’s vast watershed.   We believe it’s time for change.  

Joby is an independent candidate, running as a fresh look at the challenges that face our watershed, including fire risk, environmental changes and expense load. He has extensive financial and budgetary experience and vows to bring much-needed fiscal discipline to the board and an increased emphasis on fuel load reduction in the watershed.  

 MMWD’s incumbents aren’t likely to challenge the status quo. For the last 12 years, Division 4 ratepayers have seen a steady increase in costs while reducing usage without any real explanations why.

Let’s pause the rate hike spiral.  Moderate-use residents’ water bills have increased 40-66% since 2016, with 2 more rate hikes teed totaling 14.5% teed up for 2019-21.  Joby will bring fresh eyes and financial restraint to the budget along with increased communication to ratepayers about what and why the costs are what they are.

We should also prioritize fuel load reduction.  Joby is committed to refocusing spending and approaches in order to emphasize removing flammable dead vegetation from the watershed without use of dangerous pesticides by expanding use of animal and hand crew teams.  Wildfire is the biggest environmental risk facing Marin’s population and MMWD’s watershed. 




Mill Valley, CA


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke

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